Tabs Open Relative (Modified)

This add-on is a response to the change in tab opening behaviour in Firefox 3.5. I prefer my tabs to follow these rules:
This was possible until 3.5, when the preference was removed. There have been numerous bug reports (469082, 477746, 481831) have been made but until now there was no fix.
1. Links on page opened in new tabs will open to the right of the current tab.
2. External links, the new tab button and bookmarks will open to the right of all tabs.
There is also a forum thread at Mozillazine:
This add-on is a modified version of Tabs Open Relative, combined with dikrib's fix for
In order to get the behaviour mentioned above, you need to set some values in about:config. = 1 = 3
extensions.tabsopenrelative.linksonly = true
You need to create the last two values as they do not exist by default.
History: 1.1 Bug fix for FF 3.6
1.01 Updated to support FF 3.6, no actual code changes. Apparently 3.* is not a valid version number :(
1.0 Now adds preference items if they do not exist already. Bumpted to V1.0 as has been tested by over 250 people now and no bugs have so far been reported.
0.2 Fixed homepage link, tidied code a little.
0.1 First release.
Click here to install or click here to view soruce code. You can also visit the page. - Contact: [email protected]